• This program is the single most important investment you will ever make in your business.

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    What Is It?

    The 48 HR Breakthrough™ Facilitator Certification Program is how, as a coach, consultant or Mental Health Professional, you can add a new revenue stream to your business with a done-for-you program that delivers breakthrough coaching and measurable results for your clients.

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    This 2-day intensive workshop is unlike any other experience in the country. It was created and developed by Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, Mastery Certified Coach, and, over the past decade, has been instrumental in bringing transformational breakthroughs to her clients.


    Now, Lora is making this powerful program available to YOU – and will teach you how to use it step-by-step to bring a lucrative new
    revenue stream to your business, and remarkable results to your clients

  • Is This Right For Me?

    The 48 HR. Breakthrough™ Facilitator Certification Program is a perfect fit for coaches and mental health professionals who want to:

    • Add a six-figure revenue stream to their business. 
    • Lead a life and business outside of "the box."
    • Hone their message 
    • Identify new markets 
    • Accelerate  progress on the path to success
    *Participants must be previously trained and certified in using horses with humans. (i.e. Eagala, E3A, Ok Corral, etc...)
  • This is what Coach Lora has to say about the 48 Hour Breakthrough™:

    I created the 48-Hour Breakthrough™ to help individuals move out of old patterns and quickly shift into a new way of approaching life and business. During this two-day intensive clients discover what is REALLY holding them back, breakthrough it, and hit the ground running on day three - clear about their direction with a no-failure strategy in hand.


    We all have a stream of thought running all the time. You may not hear it outright as the volume can be very low, but the message itself is powerful. If this low volume message does not support success, it keeps you stuck in glass ceiling cycles that you can't free yourself from.


    During the 48-Hour Breakthrough™, clients get the opportunity to confront their fears and make them disappear. They learn to listen to their own inner voice of wisdom more clearly and make empowering decisions. They break through the fog of emotion and mental noise to make decisions easily and quickly to stay out of overwhelm mode.


    The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ is the perfect place to uncover and define one’s personal code. When you get in line with your personal code and keep that integrity, you become unstoppable.. Clients learn to communicate clearly. They discover how to say, “ NO” to those things they need to say no to with ease, grace and clarity. They say, “ YES” to what expands them and their business. They become the courageous leaders that others will want to follow!


    The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ incorporates teaching tools and exercises unlike any program you've ever encountered. Your experience is supported by Equine Assisted Coaching and Learning. Please note that all our work with horses is on the ground; that means no riding, and no prior experience with horses is required for the participants of the 48 HR Breakthrough. Horses bring powerful breakthroughs for people. These equine assisted sessions offer participants the opportunity to put to practice what they are learning in a safe environment where the dynamics that are not working for them in life and business can emerge in a metaphor.


    Empower Your Clients To Get The Results They Really Want!

  • Program Components

    Explore the features of this robust training program.

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    12 Live Tele-classes

    Delivered over 6 months

    Each class covers the steps necessary to deliver the 48 HR Breakthrough with ease.

    • Re-Define Failure 
    • Framing for Breakthroughs
    • Breakthrough Coaching Practices
    • Discover the unwritten contracts we all live by
    • The Role of EAL / EAC (Equine Assisted Learning / Equine Assisted Coaching)
    • Master holding sales conversations that easily convert into clients (Template)
    • Developing marketing and business strategies Inserting your own unique brilliance to make it your own
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    Recorded Class Audio

    Can't attend live? No problem.

    Learn on your schedule so you don't miss a thing! Great review tool, too.

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    Downloadable Materials

    Easy access. Add these to your toolbox:

    • Intake Documentation for your clients 
    • Legal Documentation 
    • Business and Marketing Strategy Templates 
    • Discovery Session / Sales Template 
    • All materials needed to lead others through the 48 HR Breakthrough™
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    Required Live Training and Review Questionnaire

    Don't worry. We allow ample time for completion.

    1. Participate in 48 HR Breakthrough™
    2. Co-Facilitate 48 HR Breakthrough™

    Attend any that are scheduled within a 12-month time frame.

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    Private Facebook Group

    We are stronger together

    Brainstorm, ask question & get support from a like-minded community.

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    Upon completion of all required program components

    Become certified as a 48 HR Breakthrough 1.0 Facilitator

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    Master Conversations That Convert Into High Paying Clients

    Get the done-for-you template that easily walks you through the process of revealing the value of your service and what it will cost the potential client to not hire you!

  • Wondering if this is right for you? Let’s hold a conversation. This program is by invitation only, and we want to be sure it is right for you.

    Don't be afraid to reach out. We're happy to answer your questions. Remember, you + us = awesome.